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Lee Davis

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The goal of the California Online Encyclopedia (COE) is the development of an online resource that will deliver the most current information about California topics to lifelong learners. The COE will offer a variety of information, formats, media, and information geared for different educational levels and interests. It will be interactive and fully searchable and committed to including diverse voices and excellent content. It will involve academic and community scholars who will contribute articles and edit the projects.

A strategic plan to produce an accessible and interactive COE will be developed during 2003-2004. During this planning period, an editorial committee of California scholars will work with an information management team of software engineers to produce the technology behind the encyclopedia. From the beginning of the design process, input from authors and humanities experts is necessary to ensure that the best ideas in the humanities will be combined with the most recent technology. The flexibility of this type of design will encourage public feedback, new authors, and new topics in a dynamic, evolving, and sustainable project.


  • San Francisco State University
  • California Council for the Humanities
  • California Historical Society
  • National Endowment for the Humanities